MAXAM Reloading Guide









    STEP 3




      General warnings
      The data presented in this manual has been obtained from a ballistics laboratory under strictly-controlled conditions. Any variation or change, however small, to the data in this table can result in significant changes in ballistics. Also the different environmental conditions (such as temperature or, humidity) can significantly influence the ballistic values. Any component, particularly the powder, is subject to changes depending on the production batch. We recommend that you should always start the test with a dosage reduction of 10% in this table.

      Do not mix powders of various kinds.
      Do not exceed the values given in this table.

      Maxam Outdoors, S.A. not having the ability to control individual reloading activities, rejects all liability and responsibility for damage or injury of any nature, to objects, or to persons from the use of powders and to which is referred to in the published tables. Responsibility remains with the user.

      Safety advice

      Prior to any loading operation, always be in control of the instruments in use (balance, dispenser, etc.). Always keep the loading components in their original packaging using only the necessary amount needed.
      Do not smoke, eat or drink during the loading operation.
      Wear eye protection. Maintain maximum concentration during operation.
      NEVER use components which you are not sure of their origin or identity.
      At the end of the loading operation carefully clean your work area using anti-static tools and properly wash hands thoroughly.
      Any reloading component, especially the loaded cartridge, must be maintained under controlled temperature and relative humidity conditions as close as possible to 21°C or 69.8°F and 60% respectively.